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Why You Should Choose The Best Company Secretarial Services In Mumbai

Let Taxcom provide you Secretarial compliance services in Mumbai so you can focus on other important tasks

Every business has to comply with the laws of the land. Besides, the government formulates specific laws for the business sector. By now, the number of laws applicable to the business sector has grown so much that keeping track of them and ensuring compliance can be difficult. It’s also possible to completely lose sight of some of them. In this context, you may have heard of company secretarial services in Mumbai. Yes, company secretarial firms in Mumbai ensure that all board members are informed of required legal obligations such as holding of annual general meeting (AGM) and proper reporting of your company’s compliance with applicable laws to the regulators.

What is a company secretarial service?

To ensure that a business organization knows, understands, and complies with all legal requirements, the law mandates the appointment of a person with special training for this purpose. Services offered by this person or organization to a company are called company secretarial services.

A company secretary has to ensure that all legal obligations of a business organization are duly met. Once a business organization crosses a particular threshold in terms of size, measured by paid-up capital, it must take the services of a company secretary. The Companies Act confers special status to company secretaries and mandates them to act as Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) and deliver their expertise to their employer.

However, you can also outsource this function to secretarial compliance services in Mumbai.


What are the duties and responsibilities of a company secretary?

The roles and duties of a company secretary or a company providing these services to another company are many and diverse. However, they all relate to ensuring compliance of a company with legal requirements. A company secretary’s role is that of a mentor, guide, and advisor to the company. However, in the case of a failure in compliance with legal norms, the company secretary is held responsible. Here are some of the important roles and duties of a company secretary:

· Registration and incorporation of a company through due process

· File application for increasing share capital, and other related works

· Complying and filing annual returns, managing statutory books

· Giving notices and updates of general meetings to every board member

· Overseeing and ensuring authentication and filing of TDS

Can a business outsource company secretarial services?

Yes, if a company that has crossed the threshold of paid-up capital that necessitates the appointment of a company secretary can outsource secretarial services to a company of company secretaries. Through the outsourcing contract, all the responsibilities of a company secretary for the client shift to the outsourced Company secretarial services in Mumbai.

What are the benefits of engaging secretarial compliance services in Mumbai?

Engaging secretarial compliance services in Mumbai has many benefits. First of all, it offers the company management peace of mind and it doesn’t have to bother about compliance issues. At the same time, the company doesn’t have to hire a full-time company secretary and provide necessary administrative and other resources to him. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing secretarial services to Company secretarial firms in Mumbai:

  • Efficient and proactive compliance with applicable rules, laws
  • Competitive, cost-effective, timely, and smooth secretarial services 
  • Allows the management to focus on other important works

How should you choose company secretarial firms in Mumbai?

Outsourcing secretarial services to an external partner can be a good idea. But the company management needs to be wary of unprofessional service providers. You need to hire a service provider that is serious about the job and employs a high degree of professionalism in their work. If you make a mistake in choosing the outsourcing partner, you may face difficulties along the way.

Why choose Taxcom’s company secretarial services in Mumbai?

Taxcom is one of the most reputed secretarial service providers based out of Mumbai. The company offers a complete range of outsourcing services in accounting, taxation, payroll management, income tax return filing, GST administration, and secretarial services.

It has impressive digital and physical infrastructure as well as qualified and experienced manpower to carry out all these functions on behalf of its clients.

Summing Up

Secretarial services are very important for a company to remain on the right side of the law. However, you can choose to outsource these tasks to an external partner who offers company secretarial services in Mumbai. For example, you can take on board Taxcom for this purpose, and rest assured that all your secretarial and compliance requirements will be taken care of.



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