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Payroll Outsourcing Companies in Mumbai

Payroll Outsourcing Companies in Mumbai

This document covers

    Payroll Outsourcing Services in Mumbai

    Leave the hassle of Payroll to Us and focus on Business Growth

    Payroll is a process of calculating and disbursing employees' pay every month. The company’s payroll is one of the largest business expenses and involves an understanding of the current regulations along with detailed knowledge of taxation effects for each employee.

    Payroll being a people-centric sensitive area, it is necessary that there is accuracy and reliability in processing payroll. At Taxcom, we understand that payroll is not just about paying your employees, but it also is a key factor that helps you to grow more into your business. Like the famous quote goes, a happy employee relates happiness to customers, and vice-versa for unhappy ones.

    Why Need to Outsourcing payroll Companies in Mumbai

    We understand that your focus is on the speedy growth of your business. So managing this numerous payroll compliance would mean diverting your focus from growth to mundane compliance work, resulting in a slower growth rate. Hence our payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai provide you with a professional lead payroll team at your disposal.

    Taxcom is one of the best payroll outsourcing company in Mumbai which help you to achieve your business goals by offering you the entire payroll outsourcing services. Our payroll outsourcing services in Mumbai include calculation of the salary for all your employees’, along with advice for relevant deduction of tax at source as per the Income Act, 1961. And thereafter filing the appropriate TDS returns and generating the due TDS certificates.

    What are Payroll Services?

    The process of paying the employees of the company is known as payroll. Payroll is an important part of any business as every company has employees, and it is essential to handle payroll based on their information. HR payroll also includes a list of employees who must be paid, the number of hours they worked, their compensation calculations, timely disbursement of money, and tracking of payroll expenses. There's a lot of built-in work involved in getting things done because payroll is so much more than just calculating pay-outs. It is a process that requires collaboration between the human resources and finance departments.

    Payroll Consultancy in Mumbai

    Taxcom is one of the most outstanding payroll outsourcing companies in Mumbai. Our employees use the modern art of technology to control payroll activities & functionalities. If you are looking for payroll outsourcing services then Get the master counsel to pick the best Payroll Outsourcing Services for your business

    Taxcom is a perfect custom payroll consultancy in Mumbai to cater to customers from different industries and from the all over country. Searching payroll outsourcing company in Mumbai is not a difficult task but finding out the best is the challenge. Taxcom is one of the most payroll management companies in Mumbai. Finance administrations shorten the amalgamated pack of activities related to the curation of numerous finance factors, for example, catching the factual data and observing such information

    There are countless Payroll outsourcing companies in Mumbai, however, Taxcom is one of the most confided organizations in this segment. Our payroll operation system or administration model is straightforward, helpful & accessible for customers to pay their workers and file an income tax return on time. We have been functioning like leading payroll outsourcing companies in Mumbai.

    Grow Business With Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider in Mumbai

    Our payroll management services by our team in Mumbai also cater to the various requirements of Labour Laws as applicable to your entity from time to time. Taxcom payroll management services in Mumbai provide you end-to-end Payroll management solutions, which include managing statutory return filing as per various laws like Income Tax Act, Labour laws, Provident funds Act, Professional Tax Act, along with various other compliance requirements.

    Benefits of outsourcing to Taxcom, include a professional team working on your payroll management needs at all times, while also maintaining customized reports that suit your needs on regular basis. Also, you save huge money as you can get access to world-class technology for only a fee and without investing in any infrastructure for your entity. Besides any-time access, you also are assured of confidentiality. Moreover, at the same time, you get to achieve your business goals without the hassle of managing the payroll department and compliance yourself.

    Remember happy employees are your best Ambassadors for your Company. At Taxcom we aim to help you achieve not just your business growth objectives but also help you attain a joyous environment for your employees

    Our Client's advantage in outsourcing their payroll management to us

    Robust systems which protects confidentiality of data

    Reliable software’s ensuring accuracies

    Domain expertise of tax laws and statutory filings

    Timely deliveries

    Efficient resolution of employee queries


    With the entire payroll functionality under our purview, the HR departments can divert their energies towards selection and recruitment of resources, development and maintenance of performance-measurement matrices and conducting training programs, among other things. These invariably have a positive impact on the way the company fares on all fronts.

    Payroll Tasks

    Organizational pay policymaking may include flexible benefits, leave encashment policies, etc.

    Determining the components of the payslip, such as Basic, House Rent Allowance (HRA), Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), and Variable Pay.

    Process for calculation of gross salary, statutory and non-statutory deductions, and determination of net salary.

    Getting additional payroll inputs, eg, food amount payable to a food vendor Timely payment of salaries of employees

    Depositing TDS, PF, and other taxes with the right authorities and filing returns

    Outsourcing Payroll Services

    Payroll outsourcing is delegating your payroll function to a third-party company. Outsourcing is used by many firms that do not have specialized departments.

    Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services in Mumbai

    First, if the company still has a human resources department, its employees can focus on addressing key issues, namely developing a strategic plan for employee search, development, evaluation, and advertising.

    01. No Headache

    Second advantage: In the staff department, even if the employee has gone bad or was fired, you do not need to look for alternatives immediately, the absentee employee can always replace the employee of the third-party organization.

    02. Time

    The Payroll system is a complicated process for professionals. Many commercial outsource this system to protect themselves. Payroll Outsourcing saves time

    03. Data Security

    The company has taken most of the responsibility for outsourcing for the employees. So Third-party maintain secret & confidential payroll data

    04. Cost reducing

    And the main advantage - saving money

    Why choose a payroll outsourcing company in Mumbai

    Recently, Payroll outsourcing has become increasingly popular and there are several reasons for this:

    The same foreign companies "come" to your market, which is not in a position to clearly understand your law;

    The founders of the company do not want to hire many employees, buy and update specialized software, in other words, they want to save;

    The will of the owner of the company will focus on matters of policy and priority, without distracting the selection and control of the forces;

    A rapid increase in service units compared to the main business's small growth rate, in fact, reduced costs due to lower costs for employees;

    The opposite may be the case when the main production is fast and the service personnel does not have time to process everything and organize everything.

    Many branches in different parts of the enterprise are scattered in different places, but all the data flows to the main (main) office;

    The need to quickly find qualified employees, for example, to start a new project;

    Salary Specialist in Recruitment Area, Salary Board.

    Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

    Get an easy and flexible solution for processing monthly salaries for your employees. Our operational experts will handle each and every aspect in a reliable manner and all you need to do is just let us know the complete details of variable monthly particulars.

    Reimbursement claims of your employees and arrear processing can be handled by our experts in a comprehensive way which you can concentrate on your core business activities.

    Your organisation can enjoy the accurate processing of compliance services such as PF, ESI, MLWF, etc with Greenvissage.

    Query management in a business is a complicated process and it should be ensured with a perfect solution. With our comprehensive query management tool, your employees may raise or find a reliable solution for their queries regarding tax, salary, reimbursement claims and others.

    What payroll services include?


    Calculating the employee's monthly salary for a specific time with overtime and basic pay.

    Attendance & Employees information

    Attendance like hours, days), Employees' information like (Name, Department, Designation)


    Additional allowances & bonuses provided by the company

    Salary Deductions

    Deductions in salary like Income Tax, Provident Fund, Loans, Professional Tax, etc.

    Gross pay

    Gross pay is whatever employees earn before taxes & any payroll deductions that amount is called gross pay.

    Net Pay

    It's also called take-home salary. The employees get a salary after all deductions from their gross pay.


    Calculating the return on investment (ROI) is a difficult task for owners. So it is not an economic aspect. Outsourcing payroll services in qualitative aspect. The main value of outsourcing payroll services is owners get Peace of mind and satisfaction. Owners can get focus on their core business without disturbing payroll.

    Handling payroll services is not an easy task for businesses. When they are not able to handle payroll functions and they can not focus on the core business because of the payroll system that time they will look for outsourcing payroll services.

    In-house payroll services in very risky for businesses sometimes. Payroll is 100% task of the compliance system so you need to do everything perfectly. The risk is wrong deductions, noncompliance, and Data Security. Non-compliance can cause company legal penalties & fines. So every company wants to be compliant.



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