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Why Hire A Company Secretarial Services in Mumbai?

Hire our company secretarial services in Mumbai so you can focus on your business

A company secretary is an important person in a business or corporate house. The responsibility to ensure compliance with statutory and administrative requirements rests with this role. For a limited liability company, hiring a company secretary is optional but for a public limited company, it’s mandatory under the Company Act 2013. However, both can outsource company secretarial services to a professional third-party organization led by a qualified company secretary. As a result, you can find many company secretarial firms in Mumbai that take care of all the responsibilities that a company secretary is supposed to carry out in a business organization. 

Why are company secretarial services required?

Public limited companies source funds from the capital market. It creates a large number of minority stakeholders who don’t find representation on the board of directors. To ensure corporate governance and strict adherence to statutory requirements, these companies need to hire someone who has adequate knowledge about company secretarial services. A company secretary has the necessary professional training to carry out these functions. However, businesses can also use secretarial compliance services in Mumbai instead of having an in-house company secretarial department.

Can company secretarial services be outsourced?

Modern businesses are more open to outsourcing company secretarial services to professional external partners who bring domain expertise to the job. In the past, companies were hesitant to share important business information with outsourcing partners. But the principles of corporate governance and fair business practices expect companies to be open and transparent about their compliance with applicable rules. Company secretarial services aim to fulfill these statutory requirements and, therefore, outsourcing is no more a taboo.

Benefits of outsourcing secretarial compliance services in Mumbai

Specialist and cost-effective services

A company needs specialist staff and infrastructure to ensure that the company secretarial services are carried out timely and accurately. If there is any mistake or oversight, the company has to bear the consequences. But when it outsources these services, it stands to benefit from the experience and expertise of a specialist team in a cost-effective manner.

Reliable services

When you hire outsourced secretarial compliance services in Mumbai, you choose reliability and peace of mind. The third-party service provider will put you at ease completely by undertaking the entire range of secretarial and compliance obligations. You can focus on your core business interests while your company’s secretarial services will be taken care of by a third party.

Lowers risk factor

For public limited companies, compliance with applicable rules is a serious and non-negotiable issue. Company Secretarial Services in Mumbai take the responsibility of fulfilling all the compliance obligations. It lowers the risk of errors and mistakes for the company in statutory compliance.

What services do company secretarial firms in Mumbai offer?

Company secretarial services include a wide range of functions. Given this, it is important to mention the services you would like to outsource. Here are some of the services that company secretarial firms in Mumbai such as Taxcom can offer:

  • Incorporation of businesses under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • PAN and GST registrations for the company.
  • Obtaining local, statutory licenses to commence your business.
  • Organizing general meetings and keeping its minutes.
  • Calling board meetings and documentation of minutes.
  • Filing reports to various regulatory bodies periodically.
  • Maintaining registers of directors, contracts, assets, members

Why choose Taxcom secretarial compliance services in Mumbai?

Taxcom is a service provider in the domain of accounts, payroll, ITR, and company secretarial services. It is one of the most reputed secretarial compliance services in Mumbai. The company has many Indian and overseas clients. Taxcom offers accounting and company secretarial services to industries and businesses in many sectors. The company maintains skilled and qualified manpower and top-end digital infrastructure and resources.

Here is a list of some of the services it provides:

  • Organizing board meetings, general meetings and keeping their minutes.
  • Incorporation of the business and obtaining various licenses, certificates.
  • Reporting to regulatory bodies through reports, returns, and documents.
  • Helping in the appointment of independent and women directors.

Summing up

Company secretarial services are mandatory for public limited companies. However, maintaining an in-house team of experts to handle these tasks can be resource-heavy, and expensive. Given this, outsourcing company secretarial services in Mumbai is a logical and affordable option. There are many company secretarial firms in Mumbai including Taxcom that you can hire for these services.

However, before making a decision you must ensure that you are hiring a reliable and professional service provider. Offering company secretarial services require sophisticated and elaborate infrastructure and resources. Taxcom has what it takes to offer these statutory and compliance services with confidence and reliability. Taxcom’s company secretarial services are available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane districts. 



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